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Biography Alexander Pechtold

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Alexander Pechtold Alexander Pechtold
Alexander Pechtold
Een Nederlandse politicus voor Democraten 66. Momenteel is hij fractievoorzitter in de Tweede Kamer. | A Dutch politician of the Democrats 66 (D66) party.


Alexander Pechtold Biography



Alexander Pechtold (Delft, 16 december 1965) is een Nederlandse politicus voor Democraten 66 (D66). Momenteel is hij fractievoorzitter in de Tweede Kamer.



Pechtold woonde van zijn derde tot zijn achttiende in Rhoon. Hij volgde het gymnasium alfa aan het Rotterdamsch Lyceum. Daarna studeerde hij kunstgeschiedenis en archeologie aan de Universiteit Leiden. Tijdens zijn studie werkte hij als veilingmeester bij Van Stockum's Veilingen te Den Haag. Pechtold haalde in 1995 zijn diploma Veilinghouder. In 1996 behaalde hij zijn doctoraalexamen Kunstgeschiedenis en Archeologie aan de Universiteit van Leiden.


Politieke functies

1994-2002     Lid gemeenteraad Leiden

1997-2003     Wethouder Leiden

2002-2005     Partijvoorzitter

2003-2005     Burgemeester Wageningen

2005-2006     Minister zonder portefeuille (Bestuurlijke vernieuwing en Koninkrijksrelaties)

2006-heden     Politiek leider

2006-heden     Lijsttrekker Tweede Kamerverkiezingen

2006-heden     Lid Tweede Kamer

2006-heden     Fractievoorzitter Tweede Kamer







Alexander Pechtold (born December 16, 1965) is a Dutch politician of the Democrats 66 (D66) party. He has been a member of the House of Representatives since 30 November 2006 as well as Parliamentary group leader since 23 November 2006. He has also been party leader since 24 June 2006. Pechtold served as Minister for Government Reform and Kingdom Relations in the Cabinet Balkenende II from 31 March 2005 to 3 July 2006, following the resignation of D66 party leader Thom de Graaf. Before entering into national politics he was mayor of Wageningen from 1 October 2003 to 31 March 2005.


Early life

Born in the city of Delft, Pechtold grew up in the village of Rhoon. Pechtold studied art history and archaeology with a specialization in 17th-century painting at Leiden University, obtaining a Masters degree in 1996. He also obtained a certification as auctioneer and worked for the Van Stockum's Veilingen during his studies. He was elected chairman of D66 in 2002. At that time he was alderman of Leiden, where earlier he functioned as councillor. He was appointed mayor of Wageningen in 2003. In 2005 he became Minister for Government Reform and Kingdom Relations in the second cabinet of Jan Peter Balkenende.


Political career

Pechtold was the lijsttrekker for D66 in the Dutch elections of 2006, after he beat parliamentary leader Lousewies van der Laan and others in the 2006 D66 leadership election. Pechtold, as well as Laurens-Jan Brinkhorst, resigned from his minister post after the second Balkenende cabinet came in crisis on 29 June 2006. The next day, Balkenende offered the resignation of the full cabinet to the Queen Beatrix. In 2007 the parliamentarian press chose Pechtold with 31% of the votes as the "Dutch Politician of the Year 2007".


During the Cabinet Balkenende IV administration Pechtold served as opposition leader against the cabinet. After the Dutch elections of 2010, the D66 won seven-seats in the House of Representatives which reporters claimed was due to Pechtolds leadership during the Balkenende IV time. After the 2010 Dutch cabinet formation the D66 again remained in opposition. In 2012, Pechtold published Henk, Ingrid, & Alexander, which ostensibly aimed to break through the populism that has dominated Dutch politics in the previous decade--"Henk" and "Ingrid" are the generic names proposed by Geert Wilders and other PVV politicians to represent the average Dutch couple—by engaging everyday people in conversation. The book was panned in de Volkskrant as a "cheap PR-stunt without any value to it."


During a debate with Mark Rutte in 2010, Pechtold championed the cause of social liberalism, noting that the government “needs to offer services where fairness is more important than efficiency, such as education and healthcare," while accusing Rutte of pursuing policies that hurt the most vulnerable in Dutch society.



July 9, 2010

updated: 2013-05-22

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