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Anavatan Partisi (ANAP) | The Motherland Party is a political party in Turkey.





Anavatan Partisi (kısaltması ANAP), 1983 yılında Turgut Özal tarafından kurulmuş olan eski siyasi parti. 31 Ekim 2009 tarihinde Demokrat Parti ile birleşmiştir.


Kısaltma: ANAP (1983-2005), ANAVATAN (2005-2009)

Kurucusu: Turgut Özal

Kuruluş tarihi: 20 Mayıs 1983

Kapanış tarihi: 31 Ekim 2009

Öncülü: Adalet Partisi (1961-1981)


  • Demokrat Parti (2007-günümüz)
  • Büyük Anavatan Partisi (2009-2011)
  • Anavatan Partisi (2011-günümüz)

İdeoloji: Muhafazakârlık, Türk milliyetçiliği, Ekonomik liberalizm







The Motherland Party, (Turkish: Anavatan Partisi, abbreviated as ANAVATAN (formerly ANAP) is a political party in Turkey. It was founded in 1983 by Turgut Özal. It was merged to Democratic Party in October 2009. In September 2011, the party was re-established. Its president is İbrahim Çelebi.


The ANAP was considered a centre-right nationalist party which supported restrictions on the role that government can play in the economy, which favored private capital and enterprise, and which allowed for some public expressions of religion. In 1983 the elections were won by a new political organization the motherland party, led by Turgut Ozal. Although the motherland party was composed of a potentially disruptive mixture of Islamic revivalist and secular liberals, Ozal was able to form a majority government, and for the time being democracy was restored and politics was back in the hands of the people.


Leader: İbrahim Çelebi

Founder: Turgut Özal


  • May 20, 1983 (first organization)
  • September 11, 2011 (re-established)

Ideology: Economic liberalism Social conservatism Turkish nationalism




updated: 2014-03-06

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icon Anavatan Partisi

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