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김기남  김기남 
은 조선민주주의인민공화국의 공무원이며, 조국평화통일위원회 부위원장이다. | A North Korean official. The current Secretary of the WPK Central Committee.





김기남 (金基南, 1929년 8월 28일 ~ , 함경남도 금야군 출생)은 조선민주주의인민공화국의 공무원이며, 조선노동당 선전선동부장이자, 당 중앙위원회 위원, 조국평화통일위원회 부위원장이다.



만경대혁명학원과 김일성종합대학을 졸업했고, 모스크바 대학을 다녔다. 1950년 한국전쟁 후 귀국해 김일성종합대학 대학교원으로 재직했다. 1960년대 중반 노동신문사 책임주필으로 일했고, 1961년 8월 당 과학교육부 부부장이 됐다. 1977년 12월 조선기자동맹 중앙위원회 위원장에 취임했고, 1977년 11월에 최고인민회의 제6기 대의원 겸 상설회의 위원이 됐다. 1990년 4월 최고인민회의 제9기 대의원(자강 강서)을 거쳐 1992년 12월 당 비서국 선전 담당 비서가 됐다. 2009년 8월 21~23일에 김대중 전 대통령 영정 앞에서 참배하고 김정일 국방위원장의 조화를 전하기 위해 방한했다.







Kim Ki-nam (born 1926, in Wonsan) is a North Korean official. He is vice-chairman of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland, in which capacity he has led numerous visits to the South. He is also a Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, and has served several terms in the Supreme People's Assembly, to which he was first elected in November 1977. He is also the Secretary and Director of the Propaganda and Agitation [publicity and information] Department. As such, and because forty years of service in this field, he controls the country's press, media, fine arts, and publishing.


Kim Ki-nam, a graduate from the Kim Il-sung University and Soviet party schools, at first worked in foreign affairs (being North Korea's ambassador to Beijing in early 1950s) before moving to the Propaganda and Agitation Department in late 1960s. In 1974, he was appointed editor of the Party's theoretical magazine, Kulloja, and in 1976 he was promoted to editor-in-chief of Rodong Sinmun. He is credited with having produced articles and essays creating the cult of Kim Jong-il and praising Kim Il-sung's historic role. He was elected to the WPK Central Committee at the 6th Party Congress in October 1980, director of the Propaganda and Agitation Department in April 1989 and simultaneously secretary for party history in 1992.


Under Kim Jong-il's regime, Kim Ki-nam was the party's propaganda boss and key author of the country's political slogans. He was given a role in ensuring Kim Jong-un's succession drive and appointed to the Politburo in September 2010. He was one of the only two civilian officials who accompanied Kim Jong-il's coffin during his funeral in December 2011, the other being Choe Thae-bok. As of 21 April 2013, Kim is still the a Secretary of the WPK Central Committee.




updated: 2014-02-03

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icon Kim Ki Nam

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