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هشام زعزوع  هشام زعزوع 
هشام زعزوع 
هو رجل أعمال وسياسي مصري، وزير السياحة. | An Egyptian businessman and politician. The Minister of Tourism since 2012.


هشام زعزوع



هشام زعزوع (مواليد 1954)، هو رجل أعمال وسياسي مصري، كان وزيراً للسياحة منذ 2012. كان زعزوع أحد الوزراء من من خارج التيار الإسلامي في مجلس وزراء هشام قنديل.



وُلد زعزوع عام 1954. يحمل بكالوريوس تجارة من جامعة عين شمس في 1980.


سيرته العملية

بدأ عمله في مجموعة سيتي بنك بالقاهرة واستمر فيها لخمس سنوات. بعدها ساعد في تأسيس وكالة يو إس السياحية التي تركز على السوق المصري وبدأ العمل في مجال السياحة. من 2004 حتى 2007، عمل رئيساً للاتحاد المصري للسياحة. منذ ديسمبر 2007، كان مساعد أول وزير السياحة. تولى وزارة السياحة في حكومة هشام قنديل في في أغسطس 2012، وبعد تعيين المحافظين الجدد في يونيو 2013، هدد بتقديم استقالته بعد تعيين محافظاً للأقصر ينتمي للجماعة الإسلامية. في 1 يوليو، قدم زعزوع استقالته مع وزير الاتصالات والبيئة ووزير لدولة للشؤون القانونية دعماً لمطالب متظاهري 30 يونيو ضد مرسي.







Hisham Zazou (born 1954) is an Egyptian businessman and politician who has been serving as the minister of tourism since 2012. He was one of the ministers who is not affiliated with an Islamist party in the Qandil cabinet. Zazou remained in his post in the interim government of Egypt.


Political career

During the Mubarak era, in 2009, Zazou served as the first deputy of the minister of tourism. After the Egyptian uprising, he served as senior assistant to former tourism minister Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour. On 2 August 2012, Zazou began to serve as tourism minister in the cabinet of Hesham Qandil. Although Zazou submitted his resignation on 1 July 2013, it was announced by the state news agency MENA on 15 July that he would continue to serve as tourism minister in the cabinet of interim prime minister Hazem Al Beblawi. Zazou sworn in on 16 July.


Statement on tourism following attack in Sinai

Following a fatal attack in the Sinai Peninsula in August 2012, in which 16 Egyptian soldiers were killed by armed men who subsequently infiltrated into Israel and were killed by the Israel Air Force, Zazou denied that there was a negative impact on tourism following the attack, and said that tourism agencies did not cancelled reservations and that he was personally calling them to make sure. Zazou stressed that tourists should feel secure in Egypt.



In June 2013, Zazou submitted his resignation in protest at President Morsi's appointment of a member of the Construction and Development party as governor of Luxor - this party being associated with the Jama'a al-Islamiya group, which had killed 62 tourists and local tourism-industry workers in the 1997 Luxor Massacre. Zazou's resignation placed him at the head of a mass protest from all quarters of the Egyptian tourism industry, a main source of foreign currency that is vital to the country's economy. Prime Minister Hisham Qandil "refused the resignation and asked him to stay at his post to review the situation". A few days later the new governor resigned instead. However, he and four other ministers resigned from office on 1 July due to government's reaction to mass demonstrations in the country. Then prime minister Qandil refused to accept Zazou's resignation, however, and asked him to remain in the post.




icon Hisham Zazou
icon Hisham Zazou

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