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محمود مكي  محمود مكي 
محمود مكي 
السياسي المصري. وكان نائب الرئيس 17th و آخر ملوك مصر. | An Egyptian politician. Was the 17th and last Vice President of Egypt.


محمود مكي



المستشار محمود مكي (١٩٥٤ الإسكندرية - ) هو نائب رئيس الجمهورية في عهد الرئيس المصري محمد مرسي، والنائب السابق لمحكمة النقض المصرية. عُيّن مكي نائبًا للرئيس طبقًا للقرار الجمهوري الصادر في 12 أغسطس 2012. تخرج من أكاديمية الشرطة بالقاهرة وعمل ضابطًا بقوات الأمن المركزي، ثم حاز البكالوريوس في القانون وعمل في النيابة العامة، إلى أن تولى منصبه بمحكمة النقض المصرية.


كان أحد القضاة المنادين بإصلاح السلطة القضائية في عهد الرئيس السابق محمد حسني مبارك ، شاركه في ذلك عدد من القضاة منهم المستشار هشام البسطويسي وغيره، وهو ما عُرف بتيار الاستقلال في القضاء المصري أو القضاة الإصلاحيين، الذين رأوا أن السلطة القضائية مرهونة لدى السلطة التنفيذية، وأنه لا توجد رغبة حقيقة لدى النظام الحاكم وقتئذ لإصلاح النظام القضائي في مصر.


وقد أحاله وزير العدل الأسبق محمود أبو الليل مع هشام البسطويسي إلى مجلس الصلاحية للتحقيق معهما عام 2006م ، بعدما كشفا عن انتهاكات شابت الانتخابات البرلمانية التي جرت عام 2005، وقد وُجِّه اللوم إليهما. وكان الرئيس المصري محمد مرسي - والقيادي الإخواني البارز وقتئذ - قد اعتُقِل صباح يوم 18 مايو 2006م من أمام محكمة شمال القاهرة ومجمع محاكم الجلاء بوسط القاهرة، أثناء مشاركته في مظاهرات شعبية تُندِّد بتحويل هذين المستشارين إلى لجنة الصلاحية، ثم أفرج عنه بعد سبعة أشهر. سافر الى قطر وعمل مستشارا للامير قطر لمدة 6 سنوات حتى سقط النظام، عاد بعدها الى مصر. ثم نصب نائبا لرئيس الجمهورية في 12 أغسطس 2012.







Mahmoud Mekki (Arabic: محمود محمود محمد مكي‎; born 1954) is an Egyptian politician who served as the 17th and last Vice President of Egypt from August 2012 to December 2012. He was appointed by President Mohamed Morsi following the 2011 revolution and the 2012 presidential election on 12 August 2012. He was Egypt's first vice president from a civilian background rather than a military one. He resigned from his post on 22 December 2012.


Political career

Since the mid-1980s, Mekki, along with a large number of Egypt's judges, were engaged in advocating judicial independence, an idea which was brought to light at the time by Yehia Rifai, Chairman of the Egyptian Judges' Club at the time. Brothers Ahmed and Mahmoud Mekki alongside Hossam Ghariani and others were demanding separation of the executive authority over courts and the transfer of judicial inspection to the Supreme judicial Council.


Mekki headed the follow-up elections in the Judges' Club, and coordinator of the movement of the independent judges. In 2006, he led demonstrations for independence of the judiciary from the executive. Mekki also demanded the amendment of article 76 of the Egyptian constitution to allow multiple presidential candidates to run for elections. In 1992, Mekki headed a strike by judges to request the release of two judges who they claimed had been unfairly detained.


In 2005, Mekki was arrested and tried. During the trial of Mekki in 2005, the Muslim Brotherhood showed intense solidarity with him during the trial. Salim Al-Awa and a large number of lawyers pleaded with him. In 2006, he was cleared of the charge.


Mekki had a popular position in 2006 when he surprised the judges and the broad masses huddled in front of the High Court after the end of the first session of the disciplinary trial for Mekki and ran quickly towards Major General Ismail Shaer, director of Cairo security. He held him by his hands and said to him "Do you know Omar?", Shaer replied "Yes, he is my late son," Mekki replied "If you really remember him, then pray from him and stop police brutality against youth demonstrators since they are all the same age of your late son." People who saw the incident said that Shaer nearly cried while he listened to these words.


In 2010, he moved to Kuwait, and was appointed vice-president of Kuwait's Court of Cassation. He returned to Egypt in August 2012 upon the proposal by President Morsi to be his deputy. On 22 December 2012, Mekki resigned from his post, stating that "I have realized a while ago that the nature of politics does not suit my professional background as a judge."


President Morsi appointed Mekki as Egypt's Ambassador to the Vatican City on 17 January 2013.



September 19, 2012

updated: 2013-02-06

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icon Mahmoud Mekki

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