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محمد هاشم توفیقی  محمد هاشم توفیقی 
محمد هاشم توفیقی 
یک اقتصاددان و دولتمرد افغان. | An Afghan economist and statesman.


محمد هاشم توفیقی



Al Haj Eng Economist Mohammad Hashem Taufiqui (الحاج محمد هاشم توفیقی) (born June 6, 1942 in Kabul) was one of the candidates in the presidential election of 2009 in Afghanistan. Mohammad Hashem Taufiqui is an economist who has fulfilled different posts in the previous states of Afghanistan. He is an admirer of Mohammed Daoud Khan, the first president of the republic of Afghanistan. His goal is to use Khan's industrial models to develop the industry in Afghanistan. Taufiqui has also had an important role in the drawing of these models during the presidency of Mohammed Daud Khan. Under Mohammad Hashim Taufiqui's leadership, agricultural production increased from 20 thousand tons to 160 thousand tons.


Administrative and Ministerial works

  • General Head of Nasaji Dawlati, Nasaji Bagrami, Nasaji Balkh
  • General Head of Sanaye (Industry)
  • Assistant of Ministry of Mine and Industry



  • Activating the great loom factory of Gulbahaar
  • Launching the loom of Bagrami
  • Launching the Carpentery of Kunarhaa
  • Reactivating the woolweaving of Polecharkhi
  • Reactivating the Chinisaazi Shaaker
  • Reactivating they bicycle production company
  • Reactivating the glass production company
  • Launching the loom and cement of Herat
  • Launching the loom and woolweaving of Kandahaar



July 14, 2009

updated: 2014-04-09

icon Mohammad Hashem Taufiqui
icon Mohammad Hashem Taufiqui
icon Mohammad Hashem Taufiqui
icon Mohammad Hashem Taufiqui
icon Mohammad Hashem Taufiqui
icon Mohammad Hashem Taufiqui

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