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Biography Оливер Дулић

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Оливер Дулић Оливер Дулић
Оливер Дулић
Cрпски политичар, хирург и некадашњи ватерполиста српско-буњевачког порекла. | A Serbian politician, long-time member of Democratic Party.


Оливер Дулић Biography



Оливер Дулић (Београд, 21. јануар 1975.) је српски политичар, хирург и некадашњи ватерполиста српско-буњевачког порекла. Крштен је у српској православној цркви по својој вољи. Слави славу света Петка.


Као народни посланик Демократске странке био је председник Народне скупштине Републике Србије од 23. маја 2007. до 25. јуна 2008. године. Био је један од вођа студентских протеста 1996. године. Одрастао је и живи у Суботици у којој је запослен на одељењу Ортопедске хирургије и трауматологије суботичке болнице, а власник је и фирме за промет рачунарима, рачунарском опремом и софтвером, ДГ компјутерс.


Политичка каријера

Оливер Дулић улази у политички живот 1996. године са Чедомиром Јовановићем као један од вођа студентских протеста. Учествовао је у оснивању Студенстке иницијативе (из које је касније настао студентски покрет „Отпор“) и Балканског форума, а два пута је биран у састав студентског парламента Универзитета у Београду.


Демократској странци приступа 1997. године, а 1999. године је постао потпредседник општинског одбора ДС за Суботицу. Наредне године је постао потпредседник покрајинског одбора ДС за Војводину и на том положају је остао до фебруара 2006. године када је на конгресу странке изабран за члана председништва и одбора за здравство и спољну политику.


Био је кандидат ДС за председника општине Суботица, али га је победио тесним резултатом представник Савеза војвођанских Мађара Геза Кучера. 23. маја 2007. године изабран је за председника Скупштине Србије и на том положају био је до 25. јуна 2008. године. 7. јула 2008. изабран је за министра за животну средину и просторно планирање у Влади Републике Србије.







Oliver Dulić (Serbian Cyrillic: Оливер Дулић, born 21 January 1975) is a Serbian politician, long-time member of Democratic Party, and former President of the National Assembly of Serbia between 2007 and 2008. He also served as Minister of Environment, Mining and Spatial Planning in the Government of Serbia.


Early life

Dulić was born in Belgrade, SFR Yugoslavia and completed primary and secondary education in Subotica, and graduated from the Belgrade Medical School in 1999, where he entered the postgraduate studies. He also completed the specialization on the University of Oslo. As of 2007, he was specializing orthopedic surgery and traumatology at the University of Belgrade. From Oct 2012 he is on PhD study on Belgrade Medical School.



Dulić is married and has a daughter. In addition to Serbian, he speaks fluent English, Hungarian, Norwegian, and German. He also completed music school in Subotica, and plays guitar, piano, and tamburitza. He was an active waterpolo player and played for 15 years for the Subotica warterpolo club. He owns a small private company for computer dealing in Subotica. Coming from a mixed marriage, Dulić is of partial Serb and partial Bunjevac-Croat origin. In an interview to Croatian Nova TV, he stated that he self-identifies as Yugoslav.


Political career

He entered political life in 1996, when he was one of leaders of the students protest in Belgrade, and a member of his Initiative board, and later Otpor movement, as well as a member of the Serbian Renewal Movement. He joined the Democratic Party in 1997. He was the president of the party's local board in Subotica in two terms. From 2000 to 2006 he was vice-president of Provincial Board of DS in Vojvodina. He is also a member of the party's Main committee. From 2001 to 2003 Dulić was head of North Bačka District. In 2003, he was an MP of the Parliament of Serbia and Montenegro. On local elections 2003, he was beaten by Géza Kucsera by just a hundred votes From 2006, he is a member of Presidency of Democratic Party.


Dulić was elected for the President of the Serbian Parliament on 23 May 2007. He was supported by 136 deputies of newly formed ruling coalition of Democratic Party, Democratic Party of Serbia and G17 Plus, as well as by votes of "Vojvodina deputies" and national minorities deputy clubs. His election ended the long-lasting institutional crisis which followed the 2007 elections. He succeeded the speaker position from Tomislav Nikolić of Serbian Radical Party, whose presidency lasted only 5 days, as result of a strange manoeuver within the ruling coalition through negotiations. At 32, he is be the youngest speaker in the history of Serbian parliament.


Criminal charges

In late 2012, Dulić was charged by Organized Crime Prosecution of Serbia with abuse of office, on suspicion that he allowed an optic cable company Nuba Invest from Slovenia, owned by Rasto Tomažič to illegally obtain financial gain. The National Assembly of Serbia voted to lift his MP immunity that protected him from arrest and prosecution. He declare it as the an attack of new Government against its political opponents. On December 2012, Special Cort rejected all accusations against Dulic.


Following the change of Democratic Party's leadership, new leader Dragan Đilas called on "all ministers in the previous government" to resign from Parliament and Dulić resigned on 30 November 2012. He was elected for the Member of Democratic Party Presidency on 2 December 2012.



November 30, 2012

updated: 2013-06-21

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