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Biography Мируше Хоџа

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Мируше Хоџа Мируше Хоџа
Мируше Хоџа
Първата жена да се кандидатира за председателство на Македония. | The first woman to run for Macedonia’s presidency.


Мируше Хоџа Biography



Симбол на тенденциите за модернизација на албанската жена. Одлуката на ДПА нивниот кандидат Мируше Хоџа да биде кандидат за претседател изненади многумина. Таа освен што е единствената жена меѓу седумте претенденти за највисоката државна функција, таа е и најмлада. Условот од 40 години го исполни само пред неколку месеци. На поканата да биде кандидат, што дошла директно од почесниот претседател на ДПА Џафери била изненадена дури и самата.







Mirushe Hoxha was the first woman to run for Macedonia’s presidency since independence. Hoxha has an impressive professional CV as university scholar but is little known to the public, especially to the Macedonian majority. Her presidential candidacy, backed by the main ethnic Albanian opposition party, the Democratic Party of Albanians, the DPA, is her first political engagement. She holds two university diplomas, in Albanian Studies and Italian Language and Literature, three MAs in Humanistic Studies, International Security and National Security, and one PhD in Humanitarian Science. She is preparing a second PhD in Political Philosophy. Hoxha speaks English, French, Italian, German and Turkish and currently teaches at the universities in Skopje and Tetovo. Hoxha claims she is not and never was a DPA member.

Hoxha became known among the ethnic Albanians in 2007 as the first director of the state Institute for Albanian Spiritual and Cultural Heritage, a project of the then ruling DPA. After the DUI replaced the DPA in the government in 2008 she struggled to stay on as director claiming she was non-party person but was soon replaced, she says as a result of pressure by the DUI. “At the time I considered myself a victim caught in the clash between the DUI and DPA” she later told the media. Hoxha says she wants to shed the traditional stereotypes about Albanian woman in Macedonia as housewives in a male-dominated world.




updated: 2013-07-10

icon Mirushe Hoxha
icon Mirushe Hoxha

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