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Biography Игор Лукшић

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Игор Лукшић Игор Лукшић
Игор Лукшић
Министар спољних послова од 2012. | A Montenegrin policitian. The Minister of Foreign Affairs since 2012.


Игор Лукшић Biography



Игор Лукшић (14. јун 1976., Бар, СР Црна Гора, СФРЈ) је премијер Црне Горе. Претхнодно је био министар финансија и заменик премијера у Влади Црне Горе. Његова породица вуче корене из Црмнице, једног од региона старе Црне Горе.


Године 1998, Лукшић је дипломирао на Економском факултету у Подгорици. Године 2000, завршио је постдипломске студије на истом факултету, а 2002. магистрирао. Године 2003, био је саветник премијера у области односа са јавношћу, заједно са замеником министра иностраних послова Србије и Црне Горе. Дана 16. фебруара 2004, био је именован за министра финансија Црне Горе од тада премијера Миле Ђукановића. Он је добио звање доктора економије 10. септембра 2005. године.


Дана 3. октобра 2006, Ђукановић је најавио да неће бити кандидат за место премијера на следећим изборима и изабрао Игора Лукшића као свог првог кандидата за премијера. Међутим, уместо Лукшића, Жељко Штурановић изабран је за новог премијера због компромиса између Ђукановића и Светозара Маровића.


Поред матерњег, он такође говори енглески, француски и италијански језик.







Igor Lukšić (Montenegrin: Igor Lukšić, Игор Лукшић, born 14 June 1976) is a Montenegrin policitian, who became acting Prime Minister of Montenegro upon the resignation of Milo Đukanović, and was elected as Đukanović's permanent replacement on 29 December 2010. He was succedeed by Đukanović on 4 December 2012, and serves as Minister of Foreign Affairs in the latter's fourth cabinet.


Political career

Lukšić was first elected to the Parliament of Montenegro in 2001.In the period from January to April 2003, he was public relations adviser to the Prime Minister. From March 2003 to February 2004, he served as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia and Montenegro. Since February 2004, he has served five terms as Finance Minister and two terms as Deputy Prime Minister, since December 2008.


Igor Lukšić was appointed Finance Minister in 2004. As such, he oversaw the final disassociation of state finances that had started long before with the federalization of Yugoslavia. The robust post-independence boom made it possible to very effectively consolidate the budget (a record surplus of 7% of gross domestic product was achieved in 2007) and to drastically reduce national debt.


Igor Lukšić was long seen as the designated successor of former Prime Minister and one-time Head of State Milo Đukanović. When the latter resigned his office despite winning the election in 2006, Igor Lukšić was his first candidate as his successor. Igor Lukšić retained his office as Finance Minister in the new cabinet, and when Sturanovic resigned two years later due to health problems and Đukanović took over again, Lukšić was elevated to the rank of Deputy Prime Minister as well.


Due to international controversies around him, the premiership of Đukanović was seen as a major obstacle in the EU integration path of Montenegro. He eventually resigned four days after Montenegro was given official candidate status on 21 December 2010. The DPS unanimously nominated Lukšić as Đukanović's successor. The Parliament of Montenegro took a final vote on the matter on 29 December 2010. With Lukšić as prime minister, Đukanović will remain DPS party leader as he did during Šturanović's government.



May 31,2011

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