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Biography Андрија Мандић

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Андрија Мандић Андрија Мандић
Андрија Мандић
Црногорски политичар и предсједник Нове српске демократије (НОВА). | The President of the New Serb Democracy (NSD).


Андрија Мандић Biography



Андрија Мандић је српски политичар из Црне Горе, рођен 19. јануара 1965. у Шавнику. Он је предсједник Нове српске демократије (НОВА), највеће српске и друге највеће опозиционе политичке странке у Црној Гори. Последњи Дражин четнички Војвода Мило Ракочевић је 12. маја 2007. године на основу својих сазнања произвео Андрију Мандића у српског војводу.







Andrija Mandić (Serbian Cyrillic: Андрија Мандић) (born January 19, 1965 in Šavnik, Montenegro, Yugoslavia) is a Montenegrin politician. He is the President of the major ethnic Serb political party in Montenegro, the New Serb Democracy (NSD). He is the Head of the NOVA parliamentary club in the Parliament of Montenegro.


Political career

Union of Reform Forces

Andrija Mandić decided to enter political life during his mid-twenties with the introduction of multi-party system in 1990 by joining the Union of Reform Forces of Yugoslavia (SRSJ). The reformists did manage to present themselves as the main opposition force, however they were still far behind the Communist League which achieved complete victory, and after 1991 the Union fell apart due to the outbreak of civil wars across the country. Mandić abandoned political life in disappointment and retired to private business.


People's Party

In the mid-1990s Andrija Mandic decided to return to political life and joined the People's Party, which claimed restoration of the old political party, the very first Montenegrin one, in the old Montenegrin monarchy, cherishing among other values the Serb roots and identity of the Montenegrins. However, rather than strictly loyal to party president Novak Kilibarda, he was much closer to the leader of its right wing Božidar Bojović, a conservative branch which desired a more hard-line approach in national identification and criticism of the current government.


Serb People's Party

In 1997 he became one of the founders of the Serb People's Party of Montenegro. He served numerous functions in the party, originally as a vice-president of the municipal board for Podgorica and a member of the Supreme Board of the Party, as well as a member of the Executive Board of SrNS CG. He served also one term as Director of the Party and in two terms he was the President of the Executive Board. In second before the last the Cabinet of the Federal Government of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Andrija was the Deputy Minister for Industry.


He led SNS into the Movement for European Serbia and Montenegro of Zoran Žižić from 2003 to 2006, that finished with the Montenegrin independence referendum during which Mandic was one of the leaders of the Bloc for Common State Serbia and Montenegro, ending in defeat. Around that time Mandic was the proponent of breaking the traditional partnership with the Democratic Party of Serbia, in favor of G17 Plus. Breaking off from the SNP-led coalition, in 2006 he headed a formation of a major alliance with political parties and movements, aimed to protect the interests of Serbs in Montenegro, the Serb List, that achieved good results in the elections, which became the strongest opposition force in the parliament.


New Serb Democracy

Andrija Mandic elected first president of Serb List transformed into party - New Serb Democracy.




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