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Biography Али Ахмети

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Али Ахмети Али Ахмети
Али Ахмети
Лидер на Демократската унија за интеграција (ДУИ). | The political leader of the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI).


Али Ахмети Biography



Али Ахмети (алб.: Ali Ahmeti; 4 јануари 1959 во село Зајас) е лидер на Демократската унија за интеграција. Претходно бил политички лидер на ОНА. Има забрани за влез во САД, Швајцарија и други европски земји, бидејќи е сметан за закана на општата безбедност.


Ахмети завршил литература во Тирана. Во 1980 станал член на илегалната организација „Марксисти-ленинисти на Косово“. На 5 мај 2002 во Домот на културата во Тетово, ја промовирал политичката партија ДУИ, составена главно од поранешни команданти на ОНА, на чија како единствен кандидат е избран за претседател. Членови на Централното претседателство на партијата се Гзим Острени, Азис Положани, Ризван Сулејмани, Хазби Лика, Хисни Шакири, Теута Арифи, Муса Џафери, Назми Бекири и Рафис Халити.


На Ахмети му била дијагностицирана шизофренија од страна на психијатри во Швајцарија, поради што и беше прогласен за неспособен за труд.


Одлежал две години затвор за „противуставна дејност“ во Македонија.


Голем дел од етнички македонските граѓани на Македонија го сметаат за терорист и одговорен за злосторствата над 12 киднапирани Македонци во Тетовско, работниците на Маврово, Карпалак, Вејце, исклучување на водата за пиење за Куманово од браната Глажња. По случајот на 12 киднапирани Македонци од Тетовско, адвокатот Ванчо Шехтански побарал притвор и кривично гонење на Али Ахмети.







Ali Ahmeti (Macedonian: Али Ахмети) (born January 4, 1959 in the village of Zajas, SR Macedonia, SFR Yugoslavia) is the political leader of the Democratic Union for Integration (Albanian: Bashkimi Demokratik për Integrim), a governing (as of 2008) political party in Republic of Macedonia. Ali Ahmeti is also known as the political leader of the former Albanian National Liberation Army in the Macedonian Conflict in 2001.



From 1979 to 1983 Ahmeti studied Philosophy at the University of Pristina in Kosovo, graduating in 1983. Between 1981 and 1983, he also was one of the leaders of the Albanian nationalist, separatist and irredentist student movement in Kosovo. For these activities, Ahmeti was arrested and imprisoned for one year by the Serbian and Yugoslav authorities.


During the years 1984/1986 he was involved with reconsolidation of the student movement ( and general popular movement ) in Kosovo. In 1986, Ahmeti gained political asylum in Switzerland, where he lived until 2001, and was working like a coordinator of different groups.


Diagnosed as a schizophrenic by psychiatrists in Switzerland, Ali Ahmeti was judged incapable for labor and thus obtained 3,000.00 Swiss francs per month from the invalidity insurance in Lucerne due to his paranoid and schizophrenic tendencies.


During 1988/89 he was one of the leaders of the student and miners protests against the Milosevic government. During 1989/90, he was one of the main organizers of protests of the Albanian diaspora in Europe. Ahmeti, gained his recent political support from the National Movement for the Liberation of Kosovo. In the year 1986, he was elected as a member of the Main Council, with a specific duty, interconnecting Kosovo with Europe. In the year 1988, he was elected member of the leadership of the National Movement of Kosovo. He was re-elected in this position in 1993, with the special duty in the military sector.


During the year 1996, Ahmeti was one of the main founders of the Kosovo Liberation Army, in 1998, when the war started, he was elected member of the main headquarters of the Kosovo Liberation Army.


In 2001, Ahmeti was elected Supreme Commander and representative of the National Liberation Army (NLA), which in the same year was officially recognized as a terrorist organization by the USA and thus in June 2001 Ali Ahmeti has been placed on the black list of people unwelcomed in the USA because of terrorist activities and he was proclaimed Persona non grata in Switzerland and other countries as well.


After the signature of the Ohrid Agreement in August 2001, and the decomposition of the NLA in September, Ahmeti was engaged in the political process of the implementation of this Agreement. In this light, he initiated and was named as a leader of the Coordination Council which unified all Albanian political parties in Macedonia, and the former structures of the NLA. In June 2002, Ahmeti founded a new political party called the Democratic Union for Integration (Albanian: Bashkimi Demokratik për Integrim). In September 2002, DUI won the elections among Albanian parties in the Republic and Ali Ahmeti was elected as a deputy in the Macedonian Parliament. DUI entered in coalition with the winning party from the Macedonian block, SDSM (Social Democratic Union of Macedonia). In 2008, DUI entered in coalition with VMRO-DPMNE.




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icon Ali Ahmeti
icon Ali Ahmeti

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