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«Λαϊκός Σύνδεσμος - Χρυσή Αυγή» ή Χρυσή Αυγή (X.A.) | The Golden Dawn is a right-wing extremist political organization in Greece.


Χρυσή Αυγή



Η Χρυσή Αυγή, επισήμως «Λαϊκός Σύνδεσμος - Χρυσή Αυγή», είναι πολιτικό κόμμα που αυτοπροσδιορίζεται ως έχον εθνικιστική ιδεολογία. Έχει χαρακτηριστεί ως ακροδεξιά, φασιστική, νεοναζιστική και εθνικοσοσιαλιστική οργάνωση από τα ΜΜΕ και ακαδημαϊκούς και έχει κατηγορηθεί για εξτρεμιστική και ρατσιστική δράση στην Ελλάδα. Στις εθνικές εκλογές της 6ης Μαΐου 2012 η Χρυσή Αυγή κατάφερε την είσοδό της στη Βουλή, λαμβάνοντας 441.018 ψήφους (ποσοστό 6,97%) και 21 έδρες. Στις εκλογές του Ιουνίου 2012 έλαβε 425.990 ψήφους (ποσοστό 6,92%) και 18 έδρες.


Γενικός Γραμματέας: Νίκος Μιχαλολιάκος

Εκπρόσωπος: Ηλίας Κασιδιάρης

Ιδρυτής: Νίκος Μιχαλολιάκος

Ιδρύθηκε: 1 Νοεμβρίου 1993

Ιδεολογία: Εθνικισμός, Νεοναζισμός, Φασισμός







The People's Association – Golden Dawn (Greek: Λαϊκός Σύνδεσμος – Χρυσή Αυγή), usually known simply as Golden Dawn (Greek: Χρυσή Αυγή), is a right-wing extremist political organization in Greece. It is led by Nikolaos Michaloliakos and has grown considerably since its inception to a widely known Greek political party with nationwide support.


Scholars and media describe it as neo-Nazi and fascist, although the group rejects these labels. They have used Nazi symbolism and praised figures of Nazi Germany in the past. According to academic sources, the group is racist and xenophobic, while the party's leader has openly identified it as nationalist and racist.


Michaloliakos began the foundations of what would become Golden Dawn in 1980. It first received widespread attention in 1991, and in 1993 registered as a political party. It temporarily ceased political operations in 2005 and was absorbed by the Patriotic Alliance. The Alliance in turn ceased operations after Michaloliakos withdrew support. In March 2007, Golden Dawn held its sixth congress, where Party officials announced the resumption of political activism. At local elections on November 7, 2010 Golden Dawn got 5.3 percent of the vote in the municipality of Athens, winning a seat at the City Council. In some neighbourhoods with large immigrant communities it even reached 20 percent.


The party ran a campaign during the Greek national elections of 2012 based on concerns for unemployment, austerity and the economy, as well as virulent anti-immigration rhetoric, which gained a large increase in support from the Greek electorate. It received seven percent of the popular vote, enough for the party to enter the Hellenic Parliament for the first time with 21 seats. Following a second election in June, this was reduced slightly to 18 seats.


Secretary-General: Nikolaos Michaloliakos

Spokesperson: Ilias Kasidiaris

Founder: Nikolaos Michaloliakos

Founded: 1 November 1993

Newspaper: Chrysi Avgi

Youth wing: Youth Front

Ideology: Ultra-nationalism, Neo-Nazism (disputed by party)




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icon Golden Dawn

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