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Tony Clement

Severance for public servants set out in contracts

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Severance for public servants is laid out in government contracts, Treasury Board President Tony Clement said Tuesday in response to a CBC News estimate that it could cost more than $2 billion to lay off government workers in a widely expected round of budget cuts.

CBC's Greg Weston reported Monday that a worker with a year in a federal government job could get almost six months pay in severance, while someone with 29 years of service would be entitled to 82 weeks of pay in severance.

Clement says it's not surprising that people who are laid off are entitled to severance.

"This has all been collectively bargained and it’s a contractual arrangement with the union on behalf of the employees, and so we’ll meet those commitments," Clement told Rosemary Barton on CBC's Power & Politics. "We’re not going to tear up a collective agreement."

Clement says severance is borne by the department where the cuts take place, so thoe costs will already have been taken into account when the government tallies its total savings.




by Laura Payton


Source: cbc.ca

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