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Tomás Hirsch Goldschmidt

Tomás Hirsch: “Peace and Nonviolence has always been our central concern”

Tomás Hirsch Goldschmidt 52%

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The World March for Peace and Nonviolence which concludes today began in this same place a little more than one year ago, on November 15, 2008. Here it began and here it ends. During this year thousands of activities have been organized throughout the planet.

This March is a beacon, a signal for Peace and Nonviolence in a violent world living through tempestuous times. It is true that during this march, no weapons factories have been closed in its wake. Bombs continue to threaten life throughout the world and this cruel and inhuman system remains. Let’s be clear: the situation today horrifies us, but it was never expected that the March would change the status quo, much less organize anything….but something has changed. The signal has been launched, the march is creating consciousness. Time will tell if this beacon was a weak or powerful signal, but what we do know without doubt is that it has been the correct signal --- necessary, urgent, and valiant.

And in honor of historical accuracy, during this journey in reality what has emerged is what has been said from the beginning of the Humanist Movement: Peace and Nonviolence have always been central concerns for us.

I had the opportunity to march and to see the contrast of the world of today: I saw with pain, with horror, a violent wall that separates the United States from Latin America, passing through the border in Tijuana carrying the reminders of the 5,000 people who have died in their desperate attempts to cross it.




Por Tomás Hirsch


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