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One year ago this week, President Barack Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act into law, ensuring quality, affordable health coverage to all Americans, cracking down on the worst abuses by health insurance companies and placing a new emphasis on wellness and disease prevention.

Yet today, there is a misguided effort to repeal the law. The fight to provide access to quality, affordable health care for all has only just begun.

The good news is that this time around, the debate dynamics have shifted. As people learn more about the long-overdue reforms in the Affordable Care Act — including benefits and consumer protections now guaranteed by law — support for health care reform is growing steadily.

A year ago, we were bogged down in the messy, frustrating politics of passing the bill. Now, what’s at stake is crystal clear: Are we going to put health insurance companies back in the driver’s seat to discriminate based on pre-existing conditions and return to the abuses and discriminatory practices of the past? Are we going to revoke access to health insurance for more than 30 million Americans? Are we going to add hundreds of billions of dollars to the deficit by wiping out the savings in the Affordable Care Act? The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimates the law will reduce the deficit by $210 billion in the first decade and by more than $1 trillion in the second decade.

Source: politico

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