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Tisha Casida

Casida takes on Tipton: Conservative says West Slope ...

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... congressman isn’t her cup of tea


Tisha CasidaTisha Casida is a 29-year-old southern Colorado-bred conservative. The Keystone XL Pipeline, she suggests, is safer and probably better for the environment than sending oil tankers across the Atlantic. The country’s conflict over carbon dioxide, she hints, may be as much a waste of time as the war on drugs. She makes no bones that she is disappointed in her congressman, Scott Tipton, because he hasn’t demonstrated leadership on a few crucial issues, like speaking out against the Patriot Act.


So she is taking him on in 2012.


Even though Casida announced her candidacy at the Historic Federal Building in Pueblo on May 13, there’s a good chance you still haven’t heard of her. Political observers in the 3rd Congressional District all know the name of the other congressional candidate in the area, Sal Pace, a Democrat. But as an unaffiliated candidate, Casida doesn’t get the same attention. Her campaign is organic and in its infancy, much like her business, That’s Natural!, which promotes sustainable agricul. ure. Casida also has a real estate license and she publishes The Good American Post.


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