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Tisha Casida

Constitutional Scholar and Author Bandnarik Endorses Casida

Tisha Casida 55%

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Michael Badnarik, constitutional scholar, author, and former Presidential candidate has endorsed Tisha Casida, who is running as an Independent in Colorado's third congressional district.


He says:


Like so many Americans, I have come to distrust my government, and I have grown cynical about the election process. My campaigns for President and for Congress made me realize how corrupt the process has become. Until recently, I had very little hope of restoring Liberty in this country without the use of violence. I am pleased to report that my hope has been restored. I have discovered Tisha Casida.


Tisha is a successful business woman from Pueblo, Colorado, who has taken it upon herself to run for Congress in Colorado's 3rd District. That seat was occupied for six years by a Democrat who was unseated by a Republican in the last election. The people from the Western Slope of Colorado are already planning to unseat the Republican in the next election.


Tisha has wisely decided to run as an Independent to avoid the negative perceptions associated with running as a major party candidate. I recently spent a week in Colorado touring the district and listening to Tisha present herself to the voters. I found her to be intelligent, articulate, passionate, and personable. The people she spoke to were impressed by her integrity and delighted with her charm. I was impressed by her strict adherence to the principles documented in the Constitution. She was able to answ. r difficult questions


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