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Tisha Casida

Tisha Casida to Announce Run for Third...

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Pueblo, CO - Tisha Casida, a 29 year old entrepreneur and publisher will announce her bid for the Third

Congressional District of Colorado seat in 2012. The announcement will be made on May 13, 2011, from
4-7pm at The Historic Federal Building, 421 N. Main Street, Pueblo Colorado. In addition to announcing
her campaign, Ms. Casida will be celebrating five years in business with That's Natural!, a venture that
promotes sustainable agriculture through a capitalistic market approach.

Along with her business experience Ms. Casida is publisher of The Good American Post, a conservative
newspaper with national circulation. As a registered unaffiliated voter, Ms. Casida reflects a wide range
of interests from fiscal conservatism and fidelity to the Constitution to a "hands off" philosophy regarding
governmental intrusion on social and personal issues.

"As part of the generation now inflicted with massive debt," Casida states that she is running "because I
have seen and felt the economic consequences of out-of-control spending and fiscal irresponsibility."
She sees the federal government as having "lost its way" and representatives more concerned with
"representing Washington than their states and districts."
"I am running for Colorado's third


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