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Tennessee Secession

End times news update: Tennessee gets the signatures ...

Tennessee Secession , Tennessee Secession 67%

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Last week Tennessee had no idea it would be qualified for a shot at secession, and most citizens of the state had no idea this was something in the works either. Early Wednesday morning the state passed the 25,000 signature threshold.


Tennessee joins six other states in reaching or passing the 25,000 threshold with 25,361 signatures. Among these are Texas with over 93,000 signatures, Louisiana with 32,424, Florida with 27,964, Georgia with 26,548 , Alabama with 25,843, and South Carolina with 25,032 signatures so far. What will happen next is anyones guess, but one thing is for sure, Americans a. e making their voices heard.


By: Atlanta Page 


Read more: examiner.com - http://www.examiner.com/article/end-times-news-update-tennessee-gets-the-signatures-for-secession (November 14, 2012) 

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