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Talal Arslan

Arslan says Lebanon dialogue “not solution”

Talal Arslan 56%

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Lebanese Democratic Party leader MP Talal Arslan said that holding a national dialogue would not be a solution to the political impasse in Lebanon and called for “adjusting” the Taif Accord which ended the 1975-1990 Lebanese Civil War. “The dialogue table is not the solution to the crisis Lebanon is going through anymore since the links to [foreign countries] have turned the Lebanese decision into [a foreign one],” Arslan said in remarks published Sunday in An-Nahar newspaper. “We should adjust the Taif Accord, which ended the Lebanese war, and build a state,” he added. Arslan warned that Lebanon is “now a quasi-state. The militia, the religious figures, and the political parties are stronger than the state and this is an improper situation.” “That is not how nations and people’s interests are built.



December 2, 2012

Read more: http://www.nowlebanon.com/NewsArticleDetails.aspx?ID=462617#ixzz2Dzdt7Q00


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