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Firstly, Colum questions how Sinn Féin MP's can 'pocket' expenses 'whether for themselves or their party'. Let me clarify it for you, Colum. Sinn Féin MP's don't 'pocket' a penny. Any expenses (and the vast majority of their wages) are used to provide constituency services for the people who elect them.
Furthermore, the five Sinn Féin MPs do not receive MP's salaries from Westminster, nor do they receive the £100,000 annual Policy Development Grants which are pocketed by the SDLP. The Sinn Féin MPs do not claim the overnight allowances of £25 per day. They do not claim for food expenses and they do not claim the Communications Allowance of £10,000 per MP per annum. No member of Sinn Féin is in politics for self gain or profit. All the party's paid activists, including elected representatives, take home the same average industrial wage. They willingly give up the rest of their salary so that it can be used to build constituency services. Is there any SDLP politician who could say the same? Take Mark Durkan for example. As an MP, MLA and Committee Chair, Mark 'earns' over £80,000 a year. A handsome wage in today's climate, yet Mark still expects the taxpayer to subsidise his lifestyle. According to his expenses forms, the taxpayer contributed almost £20,000 towards renting Mark's second home during 2007/08. Mark also claimed almost £1,000 for food, £1,000 for his Council Tax/Rates bill and almost £700 for utilities. People on Income Support have to find the money for their TV licence but the taxpayer forked out for Mark's.



16 June 2009 11:15 AM

source: www.derryjournal.com


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