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SDKU-DS: Slovakia's Reputation and Position Abroad Weakening

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Bratislava, November 29 (TASR-SLOVAKIA) - Slovakia's Government doesn't adopt necessary measures, it ignores the Opposition, and the country's reputation and position abroad is weakening, SDKU-DS leader Mikulas Dzurinda told journalists after the session of the party's Central Council in Bratislava on Saturday.

"The ministers of the Government meet foreign billionaires to speak with them about how to fill their (the billionaires') pockets with another billions, of course, from the money of tax payers," said Dzurinda.

One of the two key parts of the Central Council session was devoted to the evaluation of development in Slovakia. The second part was devoted to the preparation of the party for the election to the European Parliament (EP).

"We are deeply concerned about the increasing arrogance of the power, causing that the Government doesn't adopt the necessary measures," said Dzurinda, adding that the Government also rejects any discussion. In his opinion there is currently a growing number of scandals in Slovakia.

At its session, the SDKU-DS' Central Council proposed party vice-chairman Eduard Kukan as a candidate for the post of leader for the upcoming electionto the European Parliament (EP). Previous leader and current MEP Peter Stastny will be put in the first place on the list of MEPs that the party wants to make up later.



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