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Rick Perry

Rick Perry: Social Security a “ponzi scheme” for youth

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On a tour to publicize his new book, Texas Governor Rick Perry blasted New Deal-type policies and took the opportunity to call for the repeal of ObamaCare and likened Social Security to a ponzi scheme, especially for our nation’s youth.

“I want people to be afraid not to talk about that Social Security is bankrupt and is a Ponzi scheme and if you’ve got a young 20-something-year-old, they know for a fact that they’re not ever going to see that,” he said. “So let’s fix it.”

Speaking at a Bar-B-Que restaurant in San Antonio, Perry also argued for the repeal of ObamaCare, President Barack Obama’s new healthcare proposal that was signed into law earlier in the year issuing sweeping new regulations and added layers of bureaucracy to the American healthcare system.  “You can’t go through this piece by piece. You need to repeal it in its entirety,” he said. “Then let’s have them start anew from the premise that the states can better handle these questions.”

Perry’s new book, “Fed Up! Our Fight to Save America from Washington”, rails against big government programs in Washington and the progressive-era movement permeating throughout the country and issuing large bills to the American taxpayer.  Perry said his book was designed to create a dialog about national issues and finding better solutions to problems. effecting the American people.


By Steve Adcock



November 10, 2010

Source: www.smallgovtimes.com


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