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Reynato Puno

SC orders PMO to look into WB loan issue

Reynato Puno 50%

MANILA, Philippines - The Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered its Project Management Office(PMO) to look into issue of the World Bank's memorandum on the "unsatisfactory" progress of the high court's loan.


Court Administrator and spokesman Jose Midas Marquez said the WB project has been going on since 2003.


The period covers during the terms of Chief Justices Artemio Panganiban, Reynato Puno, and Renato Corona.


Marquez said Corona is "actually inheriting" the WB project.


"Some of the projects were not finished during the term of CJ Puno, Panganiban, and now being finished by CJ Corona," Marquez said.


"Lets give the PMO an opportunity to address the issue. More than anyone, it shoul be the PMO of the Court which could explain..." Marquez said.


By Ina Reformina


Read more: ABS-CBN News (01/17/2012)

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