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Poul Nyrup Rasmussen

Poul Nyrup Rasmussen: ČSSD je o krok napřed

Poul Nyrup Rasmussen 46%

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Šéf Strany evropských socialistů (PES) Poul Nyrup Rasmussen se na svém blogu podělil s čtenáři o své dojmy, které si odnesl z odborného semináře, který pořádala sociální demokracie. 


"Minulý týden jsem navštívil Prahu a setkal se s mým přítelem předsedou ČSSD Jiřím Paroubkem a s ministryní sociálních věcí SR Vierou Tomanovou. Společně jsem vystoupili na odborném semináři, který byl součástí předvolební kampaně a jehož tématem bylo zvyšování zaměstnanosti. Seminář byl velice inspirativní a ukázal, že ČSSD je o krok napřed,"uvedl mimo jiné na svém blogu Poul Nyrup Rasmussen.




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CSSD proposals one step ahead in combating the crisis


I was in Prague this week with our Czech Party, the ČSSD, and my good friend Jiří Paroubek. Also participating was Viera Tomanová, the Social Affairs Minister of Slovakia, from our party SMER-SD. We spoke at an expert seminar as part of their election campaign.


The theme of the seminar was raising employment; and I found their approach very refreshing! Instead of simply discussing how to tackle the critical problem of unemployment, which is of course a priority, the ČSSD are going a step further and talking about how to raise employment. A positive attitude is a point I always emphasize when I talk about labour market reform because for it to really work you have to make people feel good, you have to encourage them, by reminding them that even if they have lost their job, they have a contribution to make to society. Lifelong Learning is a central element here, which must be the cornerstone of labour market reform.


The ČSSD are emphasizing the importance of investment. It made me very happy to hear that they are talking about investing out of the crisis, just as we in the PES are, instead of continually focusing on cuts, as conservative governments are. When you look at the conservative strategy of cuts you can see quite clearly that this will only serve to further increase unemployment. 4.5 million jobs could be lost, in addition to the 7 million lost since the beginning of the crisis. Our alternative way out of the crisis would create new jobs. You can view my PowerPoint presentation here.


They are on track, they have a clear social democratic vision which puts people first, they have the right message for the Czech people. I’m quite sure they will win the elections at the end of the month. The ČSSD are a strong part of our European social democratic family. In power, they will bring a new perspective to our European progressive family.


BY Poul Nyrup Rasmussen




Source: www.pes.org


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