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Politička situacija u Srbiji

“Serbia's political situation unstable” ‎

Politička situacija u Srbiji, задовољан 17%

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ČAČAK -- Opposition New Serbia (NS) leader Velimir Ilić has assessed that political situation in Serbia was unstable and that state institutions are not doing their job. 

He said at the NS Main Board meeting that Serbian President Boris Tadić and his cabinet were running the state and that the government was only condoning it and that parliament was dealing with irrelevant issues.

Ilić added that there were few debates in parliament, that laws were selectively adopted and implemented while some laws, that the majority did not approve of, did not even make it on the agenda.

The NS leader stressed that the economic situation in Serbia was “disastrous“ and that Serbia was getting further away from the EU with each day, bearing in mind that it had 76,000 bankrupt companies.

He pointed out that his party would demand budget revision because the government did not respect the Law on Budget.

“The government has not made a single program on how to emerge from the economic crisis and it cannot function because it has a large coalition made of 15 political subjects, making it a government of mutual deals, agreements and bargains,“ Ilić explained.



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