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Both the borough’s Labour MPs voted against dissolving parliament and holding an election. The vote follows months of scandal and allegations over Brent Labour MPs expenses claims, and a massive 25% drop in the Labour vote in last week’s European elections in Brent. Eight ministers have abandoned Gordon Brown’s government and internal disputes have overshadowed important policy debates. 

The only major party to move forward in the elections last week was Sarah Teather’s Liberal Democrats. Even David Cameron has admitted that the Conservatives can’t win in Brent Central. 

Local Liberal Democrat MP for Brent East Sarah Teather said: 

“Local residents are feeling the impact of the recession on their pockets. People are struggling and desperately want the government to show leadership. Yet for months now the Labour party have been too busy squabbling amongst themselves to tackle the real problems faced by people in Brent. 

“Trust in politics is at an all time low and people naturally want a chance to have their say on the future of our borough. On housing, health, crime, education and the economy we . esperately need new ideas and solutions. Gordon Brown must dissolve parliament and call a general election.”


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