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Pampulitikang sitwasyon sa Pilipinas

EU gives P600m more to help end political killings in...

Pampulitikang sitwasyon sa Pilipinas, nasiyahan 62%

... Philippines


EU gives P 600 million more after praising result of P 234 million given in 2009 to end political killings in the Philippines


Manila - The European Union (EU) has given P 600 million (Dh 50 million) more to the Philippine government after it has expressed satisfaction with the results of the P 234 million (Dh 19.5 million) fund that was extended to authorities in 2009 to help end political killings in the Philippines, foreign and local officials said.


This was done despite claims of the New York-based Human Rights Watch that the culture of impunity has not changed in the Philippines.


Ambassador Guy Ledoux, head of the EU Delegation expressed satisfaction that 90 cases of extra judicial killings occurred during the first year of President Benigno Aquino, in comparison with the 139 cases of extrajudicial killing that occurred every year during the time of former President Gloria Arroyo.


The impact of the changes and reforms brought about by EU’s assistance is “long term and will only be feltover time,” explained Ledoux.


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