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Pampulitikang sitwasyon sa Pilipinas

Crime and Punishment in the Philippines

Pampulitikang sitwasyon sa Pilipinas, nasiyahan 62%

On June 1, Andal Ampatuan Sr. pled not guilty to planning the November 2009 massacre of 57 supporters traveling to file nomination papers for Ismael Mangudadatu, a political rival of the Ampatuan clan. Andal Sr. is the patriarch of the Ampatuan political family in the Philippine province of Maguindanao, served as its governor, and was an influential member of the Arroyo government, which left office earlier this year. One-hundred ninety six people still face massacre-related charges, but Ampatuan’s arraignment has finally come after demands for accountability on the part of the families of the victims. The Philippines’ culture of impunity for the political and economic elite is on trial if and when Ampatuan takes the stand.


Before the massacre, the Ampatuan clan had forged a close relationship with the Arroyo government and the military, which facilitated strong control over the province and its elections. The family brought Arroyo the vast majority of the province’s votes in 2004—100% in some towns, with votes for Arroyo exceeding the number of registered voters. In the . lobal Integrity Report: 2010, Gemma Mendoza chronicles the details leading to the massacre in which 30 journalists died.


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