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Estonian government launches talks with Eesti Gaas over main grid

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The Estonian economy ministry has launched consultations with Eesti Gaas, aiming to buy the gas main grid from the company and hand it to electricity main grid manager Elering, LETA/Postimees Online reports.


“The economy ministry launched consultations with Eesti Gaas on how to proceed with liberalization of the gas market,” said Elering’s board chairman Taavi Veskimägi on Thursday to the press.

Veskimägi said that Elering could become the administrator of the joint electricity and gas main grids.

Veskimägi said that owners of Eesti Gaas should not be forced to give up the grid by law, instead investors will have to be treated so that they would understand that Estonia as a member of the EU has to move forward with the natural gas directive. The directive requires separating gas main grid from gas suppliers and sellers.

“The economy and communications ministry has held consultations with Eesti Gaas. Unfortunately we cannot comment more,” the ministry’s spokesman Rasmus Ruuda told Delfi.
Eesti Gaas has estimated the value of its gas grid at 4-5 billion EEK or 256-320 million EUR. The ministry has estimated that the main grid value would be at least50 million EUR.
Eesti Gaas belongs to Gazprom, E. on Ruhrgas and Fortum.


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