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Peggy Nash

Peggy Nash: a Thatcher for the left? ‎

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The way Peggy Nash fans – and there are many – see it is that she’ll be the compromise candidate. In the NDP leadership race, Brian Topp and Thomas Mulcair will be the front-runners. But their support will be limited because of their negatives. Mr. Topp has the handicap of having no experience as an elected politician, and Mr. Mulcair’s appeal will be limited because of his mercurial, adversarial nature.

In such a scenario, Ms. Nash could benefit from the preferential balloting system and come up the middle. That’s what Alison Redford, the recently crowned queen of Alberta, did.

Women are on a roll in Canadian politics. Along with Alberta, women have the premierships in British Columbia, Newfoundland and Nunavut. Sheila Copps is likely to be soon elected president of the Liberal Party....





Nov. 01, 2011

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