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Park Jie-won (박지원)

DUP Leadership Resigns, Ahn to Meet with Moon ASAP

Park Jie-won (박지원) 67%


The head of the Democratic United Party Lee Hae-chan resigned on Sunday in apparent response to independent candidate Ahn Cheol-soo's demand for sweeping reforms of the main opposition party.
Lee, who was elected DUP chief just five months ago, told reporters that he was willing to make any sacrifice to ensure the opposition wins the presidential election this year.
Along with Lee, eight other senior members from the party's Supreme Council stepped down.
But Park Jie-won, the party's floor leader, will maintain his post until the end of the current parliamentary session.
Thanking Lee and the DUP leadership for making a difficult decision, DUP contender Moon Jae-in said he will let Ahn and his camp propose a method to unify the rival candidacies.

In response, Ahn who was campaigning in the southwestern city of Gwangju Sunday told reporters that he didn't necessarily ask for personnel changes in the DUP when demanding internal reforms.
Nevertheless, he promised to make his best effort to achieve a single opposition candidate t. make sure the sacrifice of the DUP leadership was not in vain.




Reporter : yjkim@arirang.co.kr

NOV 18, 2012

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