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Pampulitikang partido ng Pilipinas

Nature of Political Parties within the Philippines

Pampulitikang partido ng Pilipinas, Lakas–CMD 30%

Nobody likes to be judged by mere appearances. That said, we tend to might additionally say that we ought to not decide a candidate's value based on which political party he belongs to. Once all, being affiliated to a celebration has its own curses and blessings.


Within the political arena of the Philippines, history tells us that there are more negative aspects than positive ones on being affiliated to a political party.


The difficulty of party came to my mind following the departure of Chiz Escudero, a presidential aspirant within the 2010 elections, from the Nationalist Folks's Coalition (NPC). Some pundits are quick to conclude that for Escudero leaving NPC he has simply committed a "political suicide."


It sounds logical to mention that Escudero's shocking call was a political suicide. That is for people who surmise that winning an election depends on party affiliations. Or that one's strength is outlined by a party's backing.


To my mind, political party is nothing however a nonsense group of opportunists. It's composed of pretend acquaintances and pretentious friends. Individuals are there as a result of they want to get one thing out of the party, not as a result of they need to be catalysts of the noble vision of the party.


It is difficult to recall when was the last time the Philippines actually had a genuine political party - . mean a party that really contains a specific direction and a collection of well-founded principles it adheres to.


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