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Mohamed ElBaradei

ElBaradei warns of new dictators post revolution ‎

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DUBAI // A contender to replace the deposed Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak has told a conference in Dubai that establishing clear rule of law in Arab Spring countries is crucial to stop new dictators rising.

Dr Mohamed ElBaradei, a major player in the Egyptian revolution and former director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, said it should be a matter of priority for countries such as Libya, Egypt and Tunisia to ensure no single figure could assume control.

"Government and civil service institutions have been completely torn down in these countries because they were based on corruption and fraud," Dr ElBaradei said in his keynote address to the International Bar Association conference in Dubai on Sunday.

"There, the establishment of a rule of law will be the basis for the establishment of good governance. Good governance will ultimately lead to a sustainable democracy in those countries."

He said new governments would need to ensure citizens were involved in every strata of governance and law, and must be accountble and transparent.



By Awad Mustafa



Nov 1, 2011 

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