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Mikhail Prokhorov

Prokhorov still considered oligarch, not politician ‎

Mikhail Prokhorov 42%

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Despite taking third place in the recent presidential race, most Russians still consider billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov an “oligarch” – a businessman with ties to the authorities – rather than an opposition politician.

A poll recently conducted by the Russian agency VTsIOM showed that 33 per cent of the Russian public thinks of Prokhorov first of all as an oligarch. A further 17 per cent described him as a businessman and 3 per cent of those polled were aware that Prokhorov owned the Norilsk Nickel metals combine.

Only 8 per cent of those polled said they knew that Prokhorov was taking part in this year’s presidential elections. This roughly corresponds to the number of votes the businessman got in the race – 7.94 per cent – but a correction should probably be made for the voter turnout.

Those who were aware of the businessman’s political career gave the following understanding of his success: 18 per cent said that Prokhorov gained support because he was a new person in politics, 6 per cent said that Prokhorov’s supporters voted for him as they saw him as an alternative to the current regime and 2 per cent suggested that Prokhorov had not had yet lost the people’s trust.




23 March, 2012

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