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Mike Pompeo

Rep. Mike Pompeo: In defense of debt-ceiling 'extortion'

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I voted last week for the Budget Control Act of 2011. In return, freshmen like me who demanded an end to ever-increasing spending were called "tea party terrorists," "extortionists" and "hostage takers."

Why such hostility? Because, for the first time ever, as a condition for raising the debt ceiling, House Republicans forced the president to accept spending cuts greater than the increase in the debt ceiling — a very modest requirement that will ultimately lower the ceiling.

The law also caps future spending, does not raise taxes, and clears the way for up-or-down votes on both a balanced-budget amendment and cuts in "mandatory" programs that make up most federal spending. These changes scare the establishment witless.

Our nation has overspent under both Republicans and Democrats, but our spending binge is ending. The House freshman class has begun the climb out of the enormous fiscal hole we inherited.

Big-government liberals still outnumber small-government conservatives. But we conservatives are growing. To our surprise, many "veteran" congressmen — members of both parties who spent the money creating this debt — voted "no" last week. If these big-spending pols are converts, that's great, but they failed to live up to the basic conservative principle that you must pay the bills you incur.

The American people now see that we are in perilous times and our national appetite for federal programs has outstripped our capacity to pay for them.

by Rep. Mike Pompeo
Source: kansas.com

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