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Miguel Figueroa

Canadian communist leader Miguel Figueroa in Johannesburg

Miguel Figueroa 49%

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Miguel Figueroa,
Communist Party of Canada at the 12th International Meeting of Communist & Workers’ Parties, December 3-5, 2010, Centurion, South Africa

Esteemed Delegates,

Dear Comrades,

Our Party joins with all others in expressing our gratitude to its organizers and especially our hosts, the South African Communist Party for convening this important meeting of our international movement. And we pay tribute to this beautiful land and its resolute people, and especially to its many revolutionary leaders and martyrs – past and present – who have helped to forge a pathway to a brighter future, to a socialist future.


Our party shares the analysis of the current global economic crisis that has been expressed repeatedly over the course of this any other exchanges since its onset in 2008: that it did not arise as a result of errors, mismanagement or inadequate mechanisms of regulation, but rather as an inevitable consequence of the dynamics of this rotten, exploitative system itself, that monopoly capital is using this crisis not only to protect its interests, but to squeeze even more advantage out of this situation at the expense of the working class and the people; that the struggle of the workers and their allies to defend their jobs, living standards and social/political rights from the impact of the crisis objectively constitutes a challenge to the capitalist system as a whole, even if they are not always or completely conscious of that fact; and finally, that therefore the revolutionary leadersip role of the Communist parties in each country is absolutely consequential and decisive.




Source: 21stcenturymanifesto

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