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Miguel Figueroa

Commun. Party of Canada offers unique political perspective

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A federal election is a brief period of intense partisan debates, but also a time to reflect on the fundamental issues facing Canadian society, and the entire world. The Communist Party of Canada has a unique perspective to offer in this campaign.

Our political outlook is based on “people before profit”. We call for a “People’s Alternative” to defend the immediate and long-term interests of working people and the environment. At a time when millions of Canadians are out of work or stuck in dead-end jobs and poverty, we need policies to create good jobs and raise living standards. Instead of slashing taxes on corporate profits, we need stronger universal social programs, expanded health care, and better public education. We need a guaranteed livable income, and pensions which allow everyone to retire with dignity, not a wider gap between the rich and the rest of us. Instead of bigoted attacks on civil liberties and minorities, we need to expand democratic rights and social equality. Not least, instead of spending tens of billions on F-35 jets and other murderous weapons systems, we need to invest in social housing and urgent improvements in the disastrous living standards of aboriginal peoples.

The main danger in this election is the threat of a majority for the Stephen Harper Conservatives, the most reactionary, aggressive, militaristic party of the big corporations. Defeating the Tories on May 2 would be a welcome step towards reversing Harper’s right-wing policies and the sellout of Canada’s sovereignty. But simply electing the pro-business Liberals will not change much. And while the NDP, Bloc Québécois, and the Greens advance some progressive policies, these parties reject any challenge to the basis of right-wing economic policies and imperialist war—the private profit system known as capitalism. The latest proof was the unanimous vote in Parliament to back the NATO war against Libya, a war aimed at control of energy resources, despite all the self-se. ving propaganda about “humanitarian intervention.”



By Miguel Figueroa, April 12, 2011

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