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New Paraguay minister to press for vote on Venezuela’s ...

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... Mercosur incorporation


Jorge Lara Castro looks forward to joining Unasur and good relations with Brazil Venezuela in Mercosur will act as a balancing element and Unasur has more than proven its merits, said Paraguay’s new Foreign Affairs minister Jorge Lara Castro who insisted the country must work urgently to overcome asymmetries in the region and passive integration is not enough.


“Paraguay can not live isolated. Our geography and our mediterranean condition already limits us so it is imperative the country integrates and Mercosur is a potent tool, but we also need Venezuela inside since it will act as a balancing element”, said Lara Castro.


Paraguay still has to take a vote on Venezuela’s full incorporation to Mercosur which has already been approved by the other three countries lawmakers, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. Paraguayan president Fernando Lugo with an atomized lectoral coalition has been unable to muster the sufficient votes in the Senate.


Read more: MercoPress. (April 14th 2011)

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