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Communist Party of Canada (ML)

Anna Di Carlo: M-LPC works to empower the people

Communist Party of Canada (ML) 45%

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The Marxist-Leninist party’s vision of Canada is one where all people are able to decide what kind of society they want to live in. They could decide the direction of the economy and participate in the democratic process so as to exercise control over their lives. Today, this is not possible. We have a cartel party system that actually deprives the people of their ability to decide things.

Our issue of concern

Because of the current political set-up, it doesn’t matter which vision the MLPC or any other organizations or individuals have. The agendas and visions that prevail are those of the parasites that dominate the economy and political domain.

All aspects of political, economic, and social life in Canada need renewal and this happens as people take control of the situation, as in No Means No!

If Canadians don’t solve the problem of how to put themselves in control of the decision-making process, nation-wrecking will continue apace and the rotten climate of fending for oneself as a result of the destruction of the public domain will cause even more disasters. We need reforms that address this central problem. The political parties of the establishment do not want to abandon their positions of privilege and power.



By Anna Di Carlo

<. pan class="date-line">April 14, 2011

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