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Mark Amodei

How Amodei of Nevada Beat Democrats' Medicare Scare Tactics

Mark Amodei 37%

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I wrote in The American Spectator in July, “Entitlement reform remains fraught with political peril, as the recent special election in New York has shown: Democrat Kathy Hochul defeated Republican favorite Jane Corwin, in a campaign dominated by Hochul’s attacks against Republican plans for Medicare.”

This summer, Democrats were salivating at the opportunity to win elections in 2012 with a tactic some call “Mediscare”: accusing Paul Ryan and the rest of the Republicans of throwing granny off of a cliff because of their support for modest, market-based Medicare reforms.

As John McCormack writes in a piece for the Weekly Standard blog, the Mediscare campaign went into full force in the special election for Nevada’s Second Congressional District, a race between Democrat Kate Marshall and Republican Mark Amodei. Here’s an ad from Marshall attacking Amodei as a guy who wants t “end Medicare” because of his support for the Ryan plan




by Avik Roy


Source: forbes.com

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