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Maria Minna

Maria Minna: "We had high hopes that the government...

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Conservatives vote against action plan on human trafficking


OTTAWA - The Harper Conservatives were the only party in the House of Commons to oppose a motion that would have called on the government to create a plan of action to address human trafficking in Canada.

"We called on the Conservatives to draft and implement a plan that addresses this issue for the period leading up to, during and beyond the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics," said Liberal Vancouver Quadra MP Joyce Murray, who sought the unanimous consent of the motion.

"There is evidence that high-profile international sporting events are accompanied by increased demand for human trafficking victims for the purposes of sexual exploitation within the host country. We believe that ignoring this matter is irresponsible."

Ms. Murray's motion came following the Liberal Party's Biennial Convention in Vancouver last month, where members of the Women's Caucus met with the Citizens' Summit on Human Trafficking at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games and Beyond. 

Liberals backed the group's declaration that calls for, among other things, increased resources from the Conservative government to effectively battle human trafficking.

"We had high hopes that the government would assist us in this fight," said Liberal Women's Caucus Chair Maria Minna. "We cannot let the defeat of our motion sway us - Liberals will continue to work with the Citizens' Summit and others to ensure this issue does not go unaddressed."

Liberal Critic on the Status of Women Anita Neville said Canada has a responsibility to protect the vulnerable individuals - predominantly women - who fall prey to human traffickers.

"We have an obligation to do everything we can to ensure t. e Olympic games are not used to promote or encourage this type of activity," she said.


Original source: Liberal - 17 June 2009

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