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Mar Roxas

Mar Roxas being set-up for a fall

Mar Roxas 43%

MAR Roxas’s acceptance of the DOTC post proves once more that he is a wimp. After being bandied about as Aquino’s Chief of Staff, and after much hoopla about his being Chief Adviser to the President, he has now settled for a junior cabinet post. In fact, the DOTC is less than a junior cabinet post, far outranked by the Secretary of Foreign Affairs or by the Secretary of Finance or the DILG, or by his former post under Gloria Macapagal as Secretary of Trade and Industry.


It is cruel of Aquino to appoint Roxas to such a post, especially since it is way out of his area of supposed competence as an economist. The next thing we’ll hear is Aquino&rsuo;s ordering him to get him a glass of water or tie his shoelaces.


By Ely delos Santos


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