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Lebanese Democratic Party

LDP leader waves off possibility of “neutral” government in Lebanon

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Lebanese Democratic Party (LDP) leader MP Talal Arslan downplayed the likelihood of a neutral government emerging in Lebanon, saying that calls for establishing such type of administrations are “unrealistic.”  “There are no impartial figures in Lebanon,” Arslan told As-Safir in a recent interview, adding that nothing prevents the current cabinet from continuing in order to supervise the 2013 parliamentary elections.  The opposition March 14 coalition has put pressure on Prime Minister Najib Miqati’s government to resign following the assassination of Internal Security Forces intelligence Chief Wissam al-Hassan on October 19 in Beirut’s Ashrafieh. Turning to the crisis in neighboring Syria, Arslan said that no Lebanese political factions remain neutral on the Syrian crisis. “Some lawmakers are present on the Turkish-Syrian border and this matter might [create problems] for Lebanon,” Arslan told As-Safir.




November 6, 2012

Read more: http://www.nowlebanon.com/NewsArchiveDetails.aspx?ID=454100#ixzz2E03hszrl 


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