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Khalistan movement

Reclaiming the lost Sikh Sovereignty

Khalistan movement 47%

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” Freedom is a gift from God and is the birth right of every nation” said George. W. Bush, president of United States of America, quoting Mahatma Gandhi’s words of half a century ago, on his recent visit to India. He also said that freedom is on the march. A very befitting tribute to all the freedom loving people and nations of the world. Sikh nation take this as a great compliment and once again affirms to reclaim its lost sovereignty through peaceful, democratic and political means. Indian government and especially radical Hindu media labeled and defamed Sikhs as separatists and terrorists for making their bona fide claim and the God given birth right. To muffle the voice of freedom they went to commit the heinous crime of blowing their own Air India’s plane Kanishka out of the skies in 1985 and blaming it on the Sikhs. The evidence is to the contrary where it was rardical Hindu intelligence agents namely Brij Mohan Lal and Surinder Malik who were a part of that conspiracy and terrorist plot, well documented in the book called Soft Target by Zuhair Kashmiri and Brian McAndrew. The canadian courts last year exonerated falsely accused sikhs, Ripduman Singh Malik and Ajaib Singh Baghri. This verdict speaks for itself.


The world must be reminded that it was Sikhs, a minority who first broke the monopoly of Mughals in India and established the first Sikh rule in 1710 to 1716 and again reestablished their rule and country from 1762 to 1849. While majority(Hindus) whose numbers was hundred times more than Sikhs could not defend themselves against Mughals and continued to be slaves. It was Sikhs who gave majority sacrifices, eighty five percent of all sent to gallows for the freedom of India from the British were Sikhs. And now the Sikhs are labeled as terrorists and separatists. How do Sikh nation respond to that def. mation and malice? By being more determined and clear in their resolve to reclaim its lost sovereignty given to them by God and their great Gurus.


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