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Joseph Crowley

Rep. Crowley’s Correct Priorities

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When Bronx State Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr., the vocal loser in the historic Marriage Equality battle, criticizes you, you know you must be doing something right.

That is the case with the recent non-story in the New York Post about Queens Congressman Joe Crowley’s decision to have his wife and three young children live with him in Washington, D.C, rather than his home district.

“Having them where I am during the workweek allows me to be there to tuck them in at night and help with homework,” Crowley told the Post, which seems to be trying to turn a virtue into a vice here.

An elected leader doing his job in Congress by representing his district well during the day, and then going home to be with his wife and kids at night is a problem? What planet is Diaz and the Post living on?

Isn’t this the newspaper that feasted on another Queens-Brooklyn Congressman’s sexting infideities? Isn’t Diaz the same self-righteous man who claims to want to protect the institution of marriage?





Source: westsidespirit.com

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