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Joseph Crowley

After Choosing a Candidate Who Lost, ...

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... a Democrat Stands in an Unfavorable Light


New York Democrats woke up on Wednesday morning to an unwelcome new reality — the voters of Queens and Brooklyn had elected a Republican to represent the Ninth Congressional District — and an uncomfortable new question: What went wrong?

There was the unhappiness with President Obama, of course, and the state of the economy. There was the Israel issue, the endorsement by former Mayor Edward I. Koch and the weakness of the Democratic candidate, David I. Weprin. But then, too, there was Representative Joseph Crowley.

After all, critics said, it was Mr. Crowley, the Queens Democratic Party chairman, who picked Assemblyman Weprin as a Congressional nominee. Mr. Weprin had a locally familiar last name: his father was a well-known Assembly speaker, and his brother is a member of the City Council.

But the candidate himself was neither charismatic nor aggressive, and was chosen in part because of his willingness to represent a district that was viewed as likely to be eliminated during the redistricting process next year. Mr. Weprin, other Democrats said, was chosen in part because he would not then challenge the neighboring inc. mbents, Representative Gary L. Ackerman and Mr. Crowley himself.




by David W. Chen


Source: nytimes.com

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