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Within a few weeks of Obama's coronation it has become clear this new emperor will be as aggressive and violent as his immediate predecessors Bush II, Clinton, Bush I and Reagan. We are expected to believe there will be a "new tone" in US foreign policy. However, a new tone is just that, a new tone. It means the essence will not change at all, nor will the forms. Just the tone. That must have been the change Obama has been promising his supporters and all those poor devils who believed in him and who voted for him. The remarks made by Obama's messenger boys at the 45th Munich Security Conference have made this abundantly clear.

The most important of these remarks were delivered by the half-witted, grey warhorse Joe Biden, currently US Vice-President. He was the one announcing a new tone "in Washington and in America's relations around the world," stressing that the US and others needed "to work together for a common prosperity and security." A lot of work indeed, because prosperity is not just around the corner this time, nor for that matter, is security. After some further perfunctory remarks about actions taken to combat the current economic depression and some lip service to common ("transatlantic") economic interests and the need for a vigorous environmental and energy conservation policy, Biden arrived at the core issues of his message: Afghanistan and Iran and the resolve of the US to have things its way, or as he put it: "we're going to attempt to recapture the totality of America's strength, starting with diplomacy."

Biden issued some ominous threats: first that the US will be guided by the principle that "there is no conflict between our security and our ideals." This observation is an allusion to the paranoid security measures introduced by the Bush II regime. However, since the entire legal framework enacted by Clinton and Bush II and establishing what is virtually a Gestapo-state, has been left intact, this amounts to a very serious threat indeed. The US is apparently resolved to enslave its own citizens in order to achieve its foreign policy objectives. The second threat is directed at the outside world, to the effect that the US will use force: "the force of arms won our independence, and throughout our history the force of arms has protected our freedom," Biden said. This is both a threat and a distorted rendering of historical reality. It was the force of French arms that won US independence. Since then the US has been using its own force to wage war mainly against weak tribal and Third World enemies in order to secure access to assorted mineral and natural resources often far beyond . ts borders. US "freedom" was never really challenged by anyone. It still is not today. All designated US enemies have either been (and still are) bogus or grossly exaggerated.


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