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Jim Hnatiuk

Polytechnique spin doesn’t intimidate CHP leader Jim Hnatiuk

Jim Hnatiuk 52%

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Polytechnique Massacre – Long Gun?

In response to this Montreal Gazette article, CHP Canada party leader Jim Hnatiuk said: “Polytechnique survivor, Heidi Rathjen, calling the scrapping of the long-gun registry “a scandal” is disingenuous. Heidi is using the death of others to serve her anti-gun agenda but studies have repeatedly shown that it’s responsible gun ownership, and not wasteful state controls, which will better protect our citizens.”

Hnatiuk says he speaks from experience because he is a survivor and eye witness to the murder of his mother with a high powered rifle at the hands of his father. Jim recalled the November evening in 1956, how his father came home after supper to kill the entire family of ten: the inerasable, horrific memories of the screams, the hiding, the shots at his older brother and finally the suicide of his father.

Hnatiuk says, “The introduction of CHP Canada’s firearms policy will help prevent subsequent mass murders in Canada, such as the Polytechnique Massacre. Had just one of those students or instructors been properly trained and carrying a handgun who can say how many of those fourteen female students could have been saved.”

“Firearm ownership should be the right of every law abiding Canadian citizen,” says Hnatiuk, “and CHP Canada is willing to openly fight for the right of responsible Canadians to protect themselves, as government must ensure security, freedom and justice for all its citizens.

“Studies repeatedly show that proper firearms training enhances safety, allows people to be aware of their obligations and responsibilities, provides safety and is a deterrent to violent crime and home invasions. In deadly situations calling 911 is useless. No police officer could have arrived in time to save my mother, but neither could a police officer have arrived to help my siblings and me, had 911 been available.”

Hnatiuk applauds Bill C-391; he looks forward to it passing its third reading and seeing the billions of dolla. s saved going toward real measures that will protect families.


By Jim Hnatiuk, Leader of the Christian Heritage Party


Source: NO APOLOGIES (Mar 2, 2010)

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