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Jeremy Hunt? Never has an empty balloon floated quite ...

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Jeremy Hunt: Not, perhaps, since the old Nimble bread adverts has an empty balloon floated quite so highEnter George Osborne just before Prime Minister’s Questions. ‘Boo!’ went the Labour benches. ‘Booooooo!’


The Chancellor had played up to the image of pantomime bounder by slicking back his hair. He scowled at the chorus of boos but he should relish them. They may bolster the idea that he is cutting back hard on public spending. If only!


Day One after the ministerial shuffle, the Commons was a marketplace of poses and preening.


The main exchanges at PMQs did not amount to much. Edward Miliband, who had entered to an indifferent silence from his troops, essayed a whispery new approach. Hey man, spaced-out Zen zone. David Cameron (‘hooray!’ trilled some Tories when the PM arrived) managed not to lose his temper and made only one risible claim, when he said the Coalition Government w. s ‘united’. 


By Quentin Letts


Read more: Mail Online (5 September 2012) 

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